organization for rural and agricultural development


  • To uplift the livelihood and food security of Chin Population by promoting the development of sustainable farming systems and Natural Resource Management  


  • To empower communities by building their capacities to manage their own development processes towards Sustainable Farming & Natural Resources Management 


· Promote the diversification and intensification of the small scale farmers’ production

· Ensure a better economic integration by improving the access to technical and economic services along the value chains

· Improve land access and the valorization of natural resources by supporting landscape and watershed management planning at community level

  • To engage in the humanitarian development services and emergency response for vulnerable chin communities

We love what we do for the communities

In a nutshell, CORAD has been efficiently and effectively implementing the significant activities benefiting the community as a whole in the context of livelihood and sustainable agriculture in 5 Townships of Northern Chin State, Myanmar.

The Snapshot of Staff Meeting on 25th January, 2018. It is the significantly organized program, twice in a year and refreshing event for all staffs in terms of learning together from each project activities from all Township for better improvement of the works and creating a social cohesion among all staffs from 5 respective Township where all can be enlightened in terms of social and humanitarian spirit, reflecting the warfare and well-being of the communities as a whole.